Islamic "Honor Killings" Now in America

The couple in happier times, before Hassan removed his wife’s head.

From Tim Blair at the Daily Telegraph:
New York man Muzzammil Hassan founded pro-Islam station Bridges TV five years ago to combat the negative public image of Muslims. He is currently under arrest for beheading his wife.
Aasiya Hassan was the victim of an Islamic "honor killing" because she had the audacity to file for divorce from her husband and to obtain a court order to have him removed from the family home.

Muslims number somewhere between 3.3 and 7.0 million in the US today, but Daniel Pipes believes that 7 million is a high number. J. Grant Swank writes "In America alone, there are 5,000 so-called 'honor killing' deaths every year. Five thousand!"

Muslim women have no rights. They are property in the same manner as livestock. They cannot own property; they speak when spoken to . . . they are slaves. Sharia Law!

Grant Swank describes the senseless act of honor killing:
When a Muslim male within a clan concludes that a female has spoiled the clan's honor, that female is to have a bullet put through her head or her neck slit. In some way, a male must do away with the dishonoring female in order to please Allah. This is an evil practice worldwide throughout Muslim environs and now threatening civil countries.
According to Phyllis Chesler:
This is the problem: Islamist separatism -- aka Islamic religious and gender apartheid. It is practiced in Muslim countries and transported by immigrations globally. Tradition and religion have a strong hold, especially on immigrants in a strange, new land. However, many religious and cultural groups have managed to both integrate and to retain their own religious identities. Muslim immigrants (and their third generation descendants) seem to have a much harder time with this balancing act.

If we understand Islam as an all-encompassing political, military, religious, social, and cultural entity (which it is), then things become clearer.

Islamists insist that honor killings have nothing to do with Islam. They say that it is a "cultural" but not an "Islamic" crime. They are wrong. Islamists also say that honor murders are the same as domestic violence. All men, all religions engage in it. Wrong. Most honor killings are committed by Muslims who believe that what they are doing is a sacred, religious act. They may misunderstand the Qu'ran but as yet, no mullah or imam has stood up in the global, public square to condemn such murders as dishonorable and anti-Islamic. No fatwa has ever been issued against a Muslim honor killer.

In terms of domestic violence, western-style domestic batterers rarely kill their daughters. That is a characteristic of an honor killing. And, western style domestic batterers act alone when they kill their adult partners. An honor killing is a collaborative act between several or many members of the same family.

It is unfortunate, even shameful, but not surprising that Islamists seek to cover up this sin against Muslim girls and women by attacking those who would dare expose it as "Islamophobes."

We cannot afford to fall for this deception. A crime is a crime. The shame resides in the criminal, not in his victim. The shame will become ours if we justify the brutal sacrifice of Muslim girls and women in order to remain multi-culturally and politically correct.

  • It seems to me essential that we condemn vigorously those Islamic practices based on the Koran, as an important contribution to those in the Islamic community who wish to expunge their faith from barbaric relics. With the support, that is opposition of all Americans, the demand that Muslim leaders either accept their share of the guilt or instead take vigorous steps, and I believe this strengthens the hand of the moderates, a "hand" which certainly needs more strength.

  • I think you ignorant imbecciles have it all wrong.


    The problem is that this is a cultural and NOT RELIGIOUS ISSUE.

    Honour killings are also committed by Hindus. It will help if you cretons read a little and do more research on this tragic phenomenon, befor making such dumb baselss conclusions.

    Islam has recognised women as an equal partner to man.

    I guess you all still suffer from western media bias against Islam.

    Get a Life Infidels!