Chris Christie's Questionable Response Of Overpraising Obama

We will rebuild
Fox News probably does the best job of putting Governor Chris Christie's problem into perspective. I cannot do a better presentation than this video. However, the price that has to be paid for government cooperation, it seems to me, is appearing with President Obama on a political tour of the New Jersey devastation.  The Hill puts the problem into vivid focus:
President Obama will tour damage from the hurricane in New Jersey on Wednesday with Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican and Mitt Romney ally who gave the keynote address at this year's GOP convention.
The trip is not avowedly political, but images of Obama and Christie walking the New Jersey boardwalk side by side will inevitably be seen through the prism of the presidential election that will take place just six days afterward.
They also could pay political dividends for Obama —especially at a time when TV commercials from Romney have talked up his abilities to reach across the aisle, drawing a clear if implicit contrast with Obama.
President Obama has no valid reason to visit New Jersey.  The destruction wrought by Hurricane Sandy was much worse in New York City, just minutes north of his New Jersey destination. Wherever the President goes in the next few days will bring the distraction of his entourage, especially his security team.  Relief, recovery and rebuilding efforts will come to a halt on Wednesday wherever the Presidential party descends.  No good to the NJ community will be imparted  - and Governor Christie is quite good at playing leader without Obama's help. Here is a look at the situation from the standpoint of the U.K. Daily Mail:
While a 'surprise' visit to a disaster area in the coming hours is no doubt a strong possibility, Obama's advisers know there are risks in a high-profile visit, especially if it brought claims of diverting manpower from relief efforts.
There was doubtless a gnashing of teeth inside Romney's Boston headquarters on when Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey took to the airwaves on Tuesday morning to state that the "federal government's response has been great" and "the president has been outstanding in this".
Some senior Romney aides have always been suspicious of Christie, believing he is positioning himself for a presidential run, which would only be possible if Obama win's re-election next week. Whatever his motivations for going out of his way to praise Obama's handling of Sandy, Christie has done Romney no favours.
Let us hope that Chris Christie is sincere in his desire to lead New Jersey from the wrath of a devil storm.

  • Gadfly:
    While I have to say that Christie IS a "breath of fresh air" in the Garden State, I strill regard him as a real "wild card"...never know which way his ire will be directed...or at whom.

    That being said, I agree that Obama doesn't NEED to go to Jersey.
    Perhaps going to PA would be better for him?

    I would view Christie as that "friendly enemy" you tend to keep at arm's length, lest you wind up with a stump where your HAND used to hang.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Good post.

    Stay safe out there.