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Politics and Hurricanes

At this time last year (8/27/11), Tropical Storm Irene was rolling up the east coast with expected landfall at the North Carolina outer banks.  However if we were to believe the tracking information provided by our government, Irene was a hurricane.  Report after report from North Carolina into New Jersey overstated wind velocities.  At the behest of the Obama administration, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) lied to us to evoke memories of Katrina. As reported by Steve Goddard:
NOAA claims the winds are 85 MPH, but none of the Weather Underground stations in the area report higher than 33 MPH winds. By definition, this is not a hurricane – and is just barely a tropical storm.
LOCATION…34.7N 76.5W
The storm did cause some damage in New York state because the folks up there did not know how to prepare for heavy rainstorms.

Now with the opening of the Republican National Convention delayed until Tuesday in Tampa (after a consultation with, your guessed it,  NOAA), ABC news fuels the flames of panic. ABC meteorologist Max Golembo said that Hurricane Isaac (which remains a tropical storm at this juncture) will hit southern Florida.
As of this morning , the worst possible scenario is that Hurricane Isaac stays on the western track, skating over the Caribbean Sea south of Haiti, crossing the primarily flat landscape of western Cuba into the Gulf of Mexico then curving east and hitting Tampa dead-on.
"Tampa is just as vulnerable as New Orleans was in the sense that the water will funnel into the bay area and from the storm surge which will flood completely the whole entire city of Tampa," Golembo said referring to Hurricane Katrina [Category 5] that devastated New Orleans in 2005.
"It would be a disaster in the Tampa area," Golembo said.
So far, at 9;00 PM Eastern on Saturday 8/25/12, our headlines-grabbing meteorologist appears to be wrong on all counts.  The current Tampa, FL forecast included a Tropical Storm warning over the next 24 hours and the storm is tracking over water along the northeast coast of Cuba. Stormpulse reports the following forecast:
As tropical storm Isaac makes its closest approach to east central Florida Sunday afternoon and Sunday evening sustained winds will increase to 25 to 35 mph with gusts to 45 mph in squalls. Winds will continue to increase through Sunday night with gusts to 50mph in squalls. Tropical storm conditions may continue into Monday afternoon [with] inland flooding. Average rainfall of 3 to 5 inches is expected as showers and squalls move into the area Sunday afternoon through Monday. Flooding will be a concern in urban, low-lying and poor drainage areas.
Meanwhile Vice President Joe "Plugs" Biden accompanied by the lovely Desperate Housewife,  Eva Longoria, has cancelled his planned visit to Tampa "and the belly of the beast."
"Any of you going to be in Florida?” Biden told reporters at a campaign stop in Minneapolis. “Well, I’m the speaker at the convention. I’m gonna be down there." Reporters assumed Joe Biden meant it as a joke, but nobody can know for sure.


Tropical Storm Isaac is located in the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico in the waters between Havana and the Florida Keys at 11:00 AM Sunday. Marathon, FL is under a storm warning with winds at 65 mph.  The storm is now tracking toward New Orleans with landfall projected at 8:00 AM Wednesday. 

Tampa will get wet, very wet. Rain, gusty winds, flooding and the possibility of tornadoes are in the forecast but there are no tornado watches in effect. "The chances for hurricane conditions are very small." Our congratulations to NOAA for another fine job in screwing up hurricane tracking and the Republican National Convention. 

Paul Ryan: a Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The 2008 Election

more of a deficit sugar glider

Paul Ryan becomes a Deficit Hawk

Because of the incessant hammering on Paul Ryan as a faux "deficit hawk," I took some time to find out from where this tag came. It appears that Paul Ryan was pretty much a backbencher in the House until 2008 when he ascended to be the top Republican on the House Budget Committee.
On May 21, 2008, Ryan introduced H.R. 6110, the Roadmap for America's Future Act of 2008, commonly referred to as the "Ryan budget." This proposed legislation outlined changes to spending, including a controversial proposal to replace Medicare with a voucher program for seniors. The Roadmap found only eight sponsors and did not move past committee.
This all happened well before the housing bubble popped at a time when the free-spenders on both sides of the aisle in a Democratic-controlled House were working on their re-election campaigns.  But things were not going well for John McCain or his party at this time before the national convention and even before Sarah Palin. No one noticed a a certain meeting held except columnist Bob Novak.
When John McCain met privately with Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin after a political event in the Milwaukee suburbs on May 29, the Republican presidential candidate might not have realized that he had just come face to face with an opportunity and a test. Ryan showed him his plan to reform the economy. McCain expressed interest and said he would turn it over to his campaign's economists.
That was truly ominous. If the Kemp-Roth tax cut had been handed over to economists three decades ago, it probably would have died in its crib and aborted the national and Republican revival under President Ronald Reagan.
We know the rest of the story.  McCain sat on his hands during the election, afraid of the press, afraid of Obama's skin color, and afraid to take a stand against George Bush's bailout on capitalism.  Socialism prevailed and the Demiocrats were overjoyed. On October 24, 2008 - just before the election, Paul Ryan rightly bailed on McCain.
"I would have done things differently the last few weeks," Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin said in an interview with The Associated Press.
Noting that Obama has outspent the Republican on television advertising in the state, he added, "I think McCain's economic and health care plans should have been more vigorously defended, and unfortunately Obama has been able to incorrectly define McCain's plans and ideas."
Unfortunately, Paul Ryan also bailed on capitalism, when he voted for TARP.  So he certainly does not make the grade as a deficit hawk.  However the liberal Democrats love the phrase, using it frequently to punish their own party's rebels, the Blue Dog Democrats.

It then took more than a year before an over-the-top dramatization was concocted by an obscure far-left liberal blog called Down With Tyrany.
Take a self-proclaimed-- if screamingly hypocritical-- deficit hawk like Paul Ryan, the ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee and a member of the Ways and Means Committee. He's a spokesperson for fiscal austerity-- though he never said "boo" while Bush was in the White House [please add: "except perhaps when he introduced the Ryan Budget"]. On the other hand, he's taken more money from the banksters than any other politician in the history of Wisconsin politics and he voted for the bank bailout not once, but twice. In fact, Ryan was one of the hypocrites in Michael Moore's newest [Are you kidding me? They called it a "critically acclaimed"] film, "Capitalism: A Love Story".
The hate from Madison socialists toward Ryan streams forth, much as it does for Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. This is from the Cap Times which had not a single bad thing to say about the Democrats who voted for TARP and the GM bailout.
Technically, Ryan represents Janesville. But his real designation ought to be: Paul Ryan, R-Wall Street.
Janesville is -- or at least it once was -- a manufacturing town. Yet since his election to the House in 1998, Ryan has consistently voted for free-trade pacts -- including the extension of most-favored nation trading status to China -- that have been absolutely devastating to the community and others in his southeastern Wisconsin district.
How devastating? In 2008, the sprawling General Motors plant that had been the community's top employer for nine decades was shuttered. [Who was it that closed the plant?]
What was Ryan doing in the months before the plant closed? Campaigning for a scheme to gamble Social Security funds on the stock market and to gut Medicare and Medicaid. Had Ryan gotten his way, tens of millions of Americans who lost most of their retirement savings when the stock market crashed in the fall of 2008 would also have lost much of their Social Security safety net. And they would have had an even harder time getting access to medical care. [Obviously they think Paul Ryan is a one-trick pony!]
The moral of the story is that you cannot be anything but somebody's bad guy in the political world, so Paul Ryan and Mr. Romney have best get to work on their message after first having removed their boxing gloves.

Poverty Made Easy

Oscar Wilde reminds us that "quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit" - so here goes:
Stop using cell minutes to check your food card balance, use me instead!
Simplify your state food budget or your own food budget. Simple design, meant to simplify your use of the state issued food assistance cards. Michigan has Bridge cards, each state calls it something different. I do not work for any state government or anyone affiliated with these programs, I just decided to write this because we were sick of calling the number on the card to get our balance. This app will sync with the state website to keep you close to your EBT / SNAP / Food Assistance balance. Also supports cash balance for cash assistance.
Neither the Android app-builder nor any of those Android owners who downloaded this app could find the irony here.

From The Left: A 90 Day Countdown ... Tick ... Tick ...Tick ...

This time the bumper stickers are few. The HOPE posters are hard to find. There are no songs by will.i.am. ~ Dave Eggers

Salon.com tells us about Dave Eggers:  "Once a poorly paid Salon editor, he left and climbed to mighty literary heights."  Mr. Eggers is now the editor and founder of the online magazine, McSweeney's which contains the masthead: "Timothy McSweeney's Masochism Concerns His Loved Ones." His latest eclectic literary effort is a website entitled "90 Days, 90 Reasons" which Mike Riggs of  Reason Magazine declares to be "the single most dishonest pro-Obama website of the campaign season."

Eggers introduces the new website:
This time the bumper stickers are few. The HOPE posters are hard to find. There are no songs by will.i.am.
We are three months away from the presidential election, and there is a stunning lack of energy displayed by likely Obama voters.
Some who voted for Obama are disappointed in decisions he’s made, things he hasn’t done. And so millions of voters, the same ones who campaigned so fervently for Obama in 2008—the same ones who achieved history by not only overturning eight years of disastrous Republican leadership, but by electing the first African-American president—these same voters are collectively looking at this election and thinking, “I’ll sit this one out.”
And until a few weeks ago, we were more or less in this camp, too. We had attended no rallies, donated no funds. No one we knew had. Everyone—no matter how inspired they were in 2008—was watching from the sidelines.
Then we had a revelation, which sounds less like a revelation and more like a plainly obvious reality: if this doesn’t become an all-hands-on-deck movement to re-elect President Obama, he will lose. And Mitt Romney, who has campaigned as the most conservative Republican candidate in history, will become president.
Editor Eggers has recruited 90 leftists to "preach to the choir" about why Prez-Zero should be (shudder) reelected for a second term or why Romney should not be elected.  The first seven days are now shown.  The efforts are sadly lacking in logic, but conservatives and libertarians will get a kick out of them:

Reason 01 comes from singer/songwriter Ben Gibbard (everyone knows who he is, right?).  Because he has a gay sister and because Barry changed his mind to favor gay marriage after swearing he would not, so now everyone should vote for the flip-flopper.

Reason 02 was written by none other than the retired movie critic Roger Ebert whose career was ended by cancer.  Despite the fact that Mr. Ebert could easily pay for his five cancer surgeries even without insurance, Obamaloney should be reelected because ObamaCare, which the president was incapable of describing accurately, will clear the way for universal health care which was the unspoken intent of the legislation in the first place. Never mind that it will bankrupt the country.

Reason 03 is a lengthy diatribe by writer George Saunders about the Violence Against Women Act that Obama supposedly favors despite the fact that it goes back to the Clinton administration. So the old argument that Republicans want to beat-up women raises its ugly head!  I wonder what women did for protection against violence before somebody dreamed up this money-waster.  Do you think perhaps they might have called the cops or bought a gun?

Reason 04 is a plea from Adam Werbach, former President of the Sierra Club (where does Eggers find these famous people?). "Obama is the first president in a generation to make a car go further on a gallon of gas."  I can't top that statement and I won't even comment on Obama's mechanical and engineering skills.

Reason 05 is from author Andrew Sean Greer whose fiction has not yet moved my life.  He is a one trick pony with the mantra "Supreme Court, Supreme Court, Supreme Court." He also notes: "The fact is, I’m an Obama fan. But I’ve never tried to persuade anyone that he is an exact representation of their political outlook."  Glad to hear that!

Reason 06 comes from a lady writer named Roxane Gay who hangs out at Eastern Illinois University.  "Obama teaches us that hope leads to real change."  Gosh I guess she didn't read Dave Eggers' intro to the website.

Reason 07, written by Oscar-nominated actor Jesse Eisenberg, is entitled "President Obama understands the world writ large."  Mike Riggs over at Reason.com had far too much fun with this entry for me to spoil your reading pleasure, so go there.

Hitler Reacts To Paul Ryan as Romney's Veep

H/T: Vodkapundit

Cautionary Tale: India Goes Dark - Rush Needs To Research The Real Reasons

RUSH: This is interesting.  I like this. I got an e-mail during the break. I always check for reaction in the break, the e-mail. Somebody said, "Well, why did the power fail in India? You didn't tell us that." . . .Why?  Because India decided to reduce the role of coal in electricity production.
They closed some coal mines.  They drank the Kool-Aid on the fact that coal causes global warming, that coal is a polluting thing, that coal is dirty and disgusting and poisonous. . . . The Indian government went all-in on that -- well, not all-in, but close, and so they reduced the role of coal in electricity production, and they don't have any electricity. One-tenth of humanity without electricity. There are lessons to learn here, folks.
The New York Times tells us that the reason for the power outage that put half of India in the dark is that "some power plants are idled for lack of coal." Unfortunately, neither answer is helpful in explaining the crisis. The Economist, however, handily summarizes the real bottlenecks and suggests some solutions in just two paragraphs:
As our briefing earlier this year shows, the entire supply chain is troubled. Not enough coal is being dug up by the state monopolist, Coal India. As a result, generating companies, which own power stations, face the prospect of buying expensive imported coal, with ruinous consequences for their finances. Many are in danger of going bust. As this week’s cuts have shown, the national transmission system that shifts power around the country needs modernisation and investment—some $110 billion according to a McKinsey study. And finally the “last mile” local distribution companies, usually state-owned and which deliver power to homes and businesses, are all but bankrupt. Their tariffs are held artificially low by politicians more keen to win votes than balance the books. They have also chronically under-invested.
Reform would probably entail breaking up Coal India, inviting in private-sector mining companies, privatising the local distribution firms and giving regulators more teeth. But since the early 1990s India’s politicians have ducked the challenge, and been unwilling to tackle vested interests or make difficult decisions. It would be nice to think that when the lights come back on this time they might act with more urgency. But unlike in the movies, disasters in India don’t necessarily have happy endings.
Two recent developments in energy sources have brought back hope to eventually toppling the Indian energy bureaucracy - shale gas and nuclear power generation using Thorium.  It seems that an estimated 527 trillion cubic feet of natural gas lies within India's shale deposits about 2000 meters below the surface.  That is 200 years supply!

As for nuclear power, the Indian equivalent of our Atomic Energy Commission presently operates eight uranium-powered pressurized heavy water reactor facilities. Expansion using a plentiful rare earth element brought to fission inside liquid fluoride thorium reactors (LFTRs) would be far less costly and far less dangerous than uranium. The technology is already here.

But today's cautionary tale extends beyond good ideas to government interference with capitalism which is not likely to change anytime soon because the Indian culture will prevent it.  If the government cannot modernize its mines to meet growing demands for coal, what hope can we have for adventures into the unknown?