RNC Judges Me To Be Stupid

Today, I received an important survey from Reince Prebus, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee. The survey arrived in the largest possible envelope that can be sent by standard mail. The survey itself was printed on a stiff, heavy paper that measured 11 1/2 by 14 inches. At the top of the survey , in 5/16 inch letters, the title read: "2012 Presidential Platform Survey" - but the document never explained what a "presidential platform" was. At the fold, 3/16 inch letters read: "Official Republican Party Document - Do Not Destroy."
This DOCUMENT IS REGISTERED to the individual named below and must be accounted for during tabulation.  If you choose not to represent your district in this official Presidential Platform Survey, sign and return this Document using the postage -paid envelope provided.
The two page questionnaire carefully asked for my demographics -  age, marital status, home ownership, education, and a  "2012 election" question as to whether or not I would volunteer at party HQ. Then came specific instructions on how to color-in the answer squares after each question to facilitate tabulation.

The questionnaire contains 28 dumb questions on issues such as Presidential Performance, Economic/Taxes, National Security/Immigration, Health Care, and Election/Voter ID.  Today is the start of the last week in September, so the election is only six weeks away.  Who among us believes that there is any need for such a survey at this late date?

Mr Priebus waits until the PS after his signature on a cover letter to reiterate that he really wants money and then he gently stretches the truth - um, he lies to us.
Please immediately complete your 2012 Presidential Platform Survey, and return it to me within the next seven days.  The Republican Party is counting on your answers and an election year contribution of $35, $50, $70, $100, $250, or even $500 to help the RNC expose and defeat Barack Obama and the liberal Democrats during these final weeks of the campaign season. With your IMMEDIATE input and support, we can let our Republican candidates know in no uncertain terms that folks like you WANT and EXPECT them to fight for our conservative values and principles, repeal ObamaCare and make serious cuts to federal spending. Thank you again for your generous support.
Those of us who have closely followed the Republican Presidential Primary and who intensely watched the Republican National Convention know that the conservatives and the Tea Party took it on the chin from Establishment Republicans who are running the RNC. Mitt Romney is not a conservative so our message is already being crushed as were our candidates.  Failing to call upon conservative champions such as Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich during the the convention was a slap in the face and Romney has twisted the party stance on immigration and health care.  What happened to the hard-nose approach toward illegals and since when do we need something to replace, rather than just eliminate, ObamaCare?

Please do not take this rant the wrong way.  Of course conservatives like me are going to vote for Republican candidates, although Big L Libertarians and Ron Paul supporters will likely spend their votes with the LP candidates. I would also like to say that I fully understand that this "fake" survey is designed to evoke higher response from the direct mail campaign.  Direct mailings are all about response percentages, immediate responses and, in this case, higher contributions. What mail advertising techniques ignore is the possibility that a segment of the recipients, like me, will become highly incensed because our intelligence is being insulted.  The RNC already knows my demographics and they have my email address.  Send me an email and use the cost of these stupid mailings (there obviously have been many) to put out another campaign ad to attract voters. For whatever it is worth, the stupid survey is online, but who knew? And if we had known, would we really care?

Obamanomics in 4 Minutes

Palin 37.2 Million Viewers, Romney 25.3 Million

Sarah Palin with her fans and Mitt

Perhaps we should worry.

Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin attracted 37.2 million television viewers for her convention speech in 2008 according to the WSJ.

Nielsen reported that Mitt Romney's audience was only 25.3 million viewers on the six major networks. Paul Ryan was watched by only 21.9 million folks.

Jonathan S. Tobin at Commentary somehow overlooked our diminished enthusiasm for our Republican candidates with this twisted analysis:
Sarah Palin: The comparison between Palin’s standing in the GOP isn’t so much between the present and her dazzling debut at the 2008 convention but between now and the early summer of 2011, when her mere appearance in the lower 48 seemed to briefly suck all the oxygen out of the GOP race. Over the course of the last 15 months she went from being a superstar to an afterthought and may even be in danger of losing her gig at Fox News, which is her last claim to prominence. Palin still has a cadre of faithful followers who can be relied upon to angrily and sometimes profanely protest whenever she is referred to in less than laudatory terms. But Tampa proved what we already knew about her. She’s yesterday’s news.
If the most recognized political figure in the Republican Party  is "yesterday's news." what does that make Mitt Romney? Chopped liver?