Christopher Dorner "Executed"

FDL cites the really far left Counterpunch webzine.
But for those of us listening to the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department radio frequency, there was little question what had occurred. Nearly a half hour prior, officers had referred to “going ahead with the plan with the burner,” with another adding that the plan was to “back the Bear down and deploy the burner through the turret.” (Live audio during the preceding shootout seems to confirm this intention). Soon, the message was straightforward and expected: “Seven burners have deployed and we have a fire.” No surprised tones, no suggestion that the fire be extinguished.
In fact, there was the exact opposite: a female voice on the scanner repeatedly asks if the fire crews should be allowed to approach, and is told that it’s not time yet, that we need to wait until all four corners are engulfed, then that we need to wait until the roof collapses. At one particularly repulsive point, those on the scene realize that the house has a basement, and an authoritative male voice indicates that the fire crew would not be called until the fire had “burned through the basement.” They were going to let him die.
But the sheriff already had a dead deputy and another deputy in surgery at Loma Linda Hospital as a result of gunfire from the cabin. He and his swat team were obviously upset and certainly cautious not to expose law enforcement and fire personnel to any more danger than necessary. Dorner would not respond to the Sheriff's orders to surrender. The score before the fire was Dorner, 4 killings and one wounding -  Cops, nothing. Deceased San Bernadino deputy Jeramiah MacKay leaves a wife and two small children.

  • 4 killings and one wounding - Cops, nothing

    Better check your stats. The LAPD tried their best to kill 2 women in a pickup. Fortunately for the women, the cops are apparently terrible shots and only seriously injured the pair with the hundreds of bullets fired.